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This post was super interesting! . It was there I fell in love with the beauty of the grain of the wood, either hidden beneath an old dark finish or highlighted with a new coat of stain. Question, do have any idea as to whether the sealer/shellac will change the stain colors at all (i.e. Minwax recently came out with a Simply White stain and Im in love with it! search. Combine the Minwax Design Series with other Minwax stains to produce on-trend looks, finishes and special effects. This is an awesome resource, thank you! But if its red oak, you could purchase a red oak board from Lowes and do a bunch of tests on your own to get the color right. The Jacobean was a one of our choices, Im leaning toward Ebony now with 2 coats. (Hint: Red). If you're wanting to go slightly darker than the Pickled Oak or wanting stain with hints of brown and gray, you should probably give Weathered Oak a try. Add to Cart. My suggestion would be to use a scrap piece of wood that is the same type that you want to treat, and test your different options. Its "controlled penetration" ensures an even color. I was wondering how the oak would look with a stain now I have a better idea! I thought the pickled looked nice too. . Sunny. Pickling is a technique that refinishers use to lighten the natural color of wood -- usually oak -- to give it a washed-out appearance. I suggest using a metal paint. I bet this would be true for furniture refinishing too! What do you think!? Poplar looked awesome in almost every one except the Golden Pecan. I have debating about what the difference a primer or conditioner will make, this was a big help! Minwax Golden Pecan. I really like the Jacobean, yet what light stain would you suggest as contrast? Minwax Simply White. I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to do this. How many coats of stain did you put on the wood samples shown in the photos? My floor guy really doesnt want to change the color of banister and spindles. . This experiment has been a great help! Im currently working on a dining table for our British Colonial interior using Red Oak and was concerned with color matching the existing dark woods. 'http' : 'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)) {e = d.createElement(s);e.id = id;e.src = p + '://' + 'widgets.rewardstyle.com' + '/js/shopthepost.js';d.body.appendChild(e);}if(typeof window.__stp === 'object') if(d.readyState === 'complete') {window.__stp.init();}}(document, 'script', 'shopthepost-script'); I ran a Bing search of images looking at gray stair railings before I reinstall my new set and this your image came up and it directed me to your web page where I could see all the different stains I really appreciate that you took the time to do this mapped out like this I dont even think the varathane or minwax corporation bothered to do one like yours. Pour some into a lined paint cup. Ideal for unfinished wood furniture, cabinets, doors, trim, molding and hardwood floors. We literally just finished stripping and sanding down pine stairs that had been painted and coated in sand by the previous owners yesterday. Even then, it was appreciated for its decorative value. Thanks, all! My red oak banister, spindles, stairs and floors are currently stained Provincial. Exactly what I needed to move forward with my project! Thank you so much for doing this! Oh and Im spraying the shelf bracket flat black. I am sure it has something to do with the particular piece of wood. I bought silver-toned door hardware for the painting gray side and antique brass for the side I want to stain. Poplar looked a little bit like watermelon. Very useful to see how various woods behave and really helps in choosing what kind of wood to use! I just want stained, modern looking doors. I think General Finishes is better because as the author says its great for difficult to stain pine and its easy to apply for the person who has no experiences in staining wood like me. Great post idea. Thanks again. 6. WOULD LOve to see samples of stains on cedar! They look too orangey for my liking which I find happens frequently with stains and now wonder if I can go over them in a neutral darker stain but it will be a major mess, time commitment and height bravery (as they are on high parts of our house). Stirbut dont shakea can of polyurethane clear coat. Copyright 2023 This Old House Ventures, LLC. Birch has pink undertones. Hi! While Red tones may be more muted with 2 coats, you should still expect to see warm tones coming through. !function(d,s,id){var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? special walnut vs provincial stain on red oak . Loved seeing all the side by side comparisons. I have an old 90s red oak dining table and Id like to go for the PotteryBarn Seadrift color. Minwax offers a variety of easy-to-use products to help clean and repair wood that is chipped, cracked, scratched, even decayed, to its original beauty. Let your pickled wood finish dry overnight. In the picture with only pine boards, they look a lot darker and much less gray. Love this post. They look incredible. Is there yellow pine and white pine? Right now the jury is out regarding the pricing. Follow the steps below to see how to pickle wood furniture. This maybe the most helpful blog post ever. Welcome to our online community where we've posted home, DIY, style, renovations, and family since '09. The pine looks SO MUCH better with the conditioner. Oh no! Thanks so much for any insight you might have! 2. Both of the oak species took on a sort of Cerused look Im very into. This was so helpful for me, and my most amateur endeavors. Im building a Arts & Crafts hall cabinet. For a wow factor, pair the cabinetry with white Calacatta marble countertops, or for more functionality, a white Quartzite. You can use a white oil stain or mix your own pickling stain following these proportions: 1-quart white latex-based paint 2 cups water Use a mixing container for this mixture and make sure it's in the consistency of a thinner. I have some white oak chairs I bought half finished from an antiques place and stained dark walnut they came out like a dream. However, I noticed in your photos showing Dark Walnut and Jacobean, the pine samples for each color look much lighter than the same colors do in the photo of only pine boards with all of the colors. . This stain added very little color to any of the boards, (maybe slightly lighter with a tinge of green), but really brought Matching search results: 4. Anyway, I think I just need to condition the boards as you stated and provided evidence! Birch has pink undertones. Very interesting! Poplar looked a little bit like watermelon. Pickled-Oak-260-Semi-Transparent. The green in the Poplar board went to an almost black, like in the Jacobean stainvery stunning. It really softened each wood tone and color while not masking any grainlike semi-opaque stains do. I personally like their water based Polycrylic. So, let's get into them How to Make Pine Look Like White Oak? I am mid-century-modern by design and a touch of industrial (the concrete floor). Color: Beige Cream: Drying Time: 2 Hours: Type: Oil-based stain: Applications: Cabinets, doors, wood furniture: . It really is gorgeous! This is absolutely one helluva valuable test and comparison. I was going to use quarter sawn white oak vs. quarter sawn red oak. Minwax Dark Walnut. Step 1- Sand Step 2- Apply Pre-stain conditioner Step 3- Apply the Varathane Stain Step 4- Apply Minwax White Wash Pickling Stain Can You Use Poly Over Stained Pine? Refreshing pickled oak cabinets can be done with a few simple steps. 3. This is important as it will help lift off any debris and grime that may have built up over the years. Im interested in the simply white stain. Im loving the simply white on the pine but I was hoping to get your opinion!? Wait 5-15 minutes and wipe away excess stain. We have a long-standing relationship with DIY, and love rolling our sleeves up and making it happen. You guys did a fantastic job with this. It will look fine. These dont have poly on them. The information I came to the comments looking for! It has a beautiful ivory color with hand scraped, reclaimed planks that are finished in oil. It turned out a very neutral, medium brown colour. It comes with a 35-year finish warranty and a lifetime structural warranty. Exactly what I was looking for. And I bet youll never guess Red Oaks undertones. Would it take that stain well? Infact, the grain in some of the boards take on a blue/gray colour. The red oak brr nightmares of 1980s cabinets and heart cutout furniture. We let the conditioner penetrate for 15 minutes and then wiped off any excess and removed the tape and got to work applying 6 different stains to all five of our types of wood. Luckily for any beginner woodworkers, staining oak is one of the easiest oaks to stain because of the above average size of its pores. How to Make Pine Look Like White Oak? 260. It really softened each wood tone and color while not masking any grainlike semi-opaque stains do. I assumed it was the quality of wood. The green in the Poplar board went to an almost black, like in the Jacobean stainvery stunning. yes! This is so helpful as were trying to pick a stain color for a piece of furniture. Unfortunately, that pickled oak really dates the kitchen, and i think you will be so much happier with painted cabinets. So Dark Walnut it probably is and Ill save the white/light colored floors for my next house! But then there is the world of bleaching! I filled a plastic container with 1 qt of water. I had to comment because I am standing in front of the stain display at Lowes and I am trying to pick a stain. Edit:""" 3 years later I decided to paint them white and I am so very pleased with the results!We bought a new house with these ugly cabinets. yes! It is gray in color with warm undertones. Especially learning about the wood conditioner. I would like to see an experiment in reducing contrastboth grain and defects, such as nail holes and gapsto produce an attractive even dark tone. Last, is the redder of the two dark stains we experimented with. First, start by cleaning the cabinets with a mild degreasing agent like dish soap and warm water. Flooring Design Dilemma Finishing White Oak Floors jaidog 4 years ago We just had 3.25" white oak floors installed in our kitchen, family room, dining room, and foyer. We partnered with Stuga on a line of hardwood floors The Ingrid is really livable, and the color is very neutral. If youre not having success with home improvement store products to get the color youre after, paying just a bit more for a different brand can really help (or vice versa if youre wondering why a different brand is giving much darker color). I am getting ready to refinish a dresser and the Simply White is the look Im going for. Over time, clear stained maple goes from an almost birch white to a really deep yellow gold. And Red Oak should probably stay away from things that add even more red to it (like Pickled Oak and Golden Pecan). Weve been wanting to do a wood/stain study for years now and in my head, I wanted to doeverytype of wood with about 20 different stains each. Thank you! White scares me with upkeep/kids but afraid stain wont go with design Im going for. Natural 209. Never saw this before. Minwax Classic Gray <3, Thank you SO much for this post!! Ive referred back to this so many times. Thanks a lot for all the help! No wonder white oak is the HG of wood flooring. Our wood grain Shaker cabinet fronts were designed for busy, high-traffic homes like ours. Also, never pour water into the lye and don't pour a bunch of lye into the water at one time. The first one is Minwax Wood Finish Penetrating Wood Stain that you mention in your article. Thanks!! None of the charts here state what kind of wood is being tested. The first of the dark stains we tried was also the more neutral in tone. But the Dark Walnut goes with our new wood floors and the vibe of our house better. Were a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. Not only does the hardness effect how a wood will accept stain (harder woods tend to accept stains better and more evenly) but also the natural color of the wood. Although, no red came through with the pine at all. Im not a fan of grey but Im thinking if I sand off the varathene, would weathered oak tone down the orange????? By the way, that article mentions Minwax Stain also. Would it be too white going that route? Weve been wanting to do a wood/stain study for years now and in my head, I wanted to doeverytype of wood with about 20 different stains each. Had I known that I wouldve picked red oak again for my kitchen although its not my preference. Save up to 64% and get a free gift. Should I layer a bit of white and with a gray that I wipe off quickly? Finishes that offer protection for wood with a soft luster. I would like to have them look like the inspiration photo below which is also white oak. This is a fabulous post! Compare. Very helpful. I do wish we could take it further :) I have a half dozen (or more) cans of Minwax! This is a really cool post. MW260. I would like the old world type of look to the finish. 1.The oak grain is very pronounced ,so staining would be an easy way out. Both of the oak species took on a sort of Cerused look Im very into. YOU ARE AWESOME. I will definitely refer back to this in the future. Gorgeous! Any suggestions. Is the Minwax conditioner a substitute for water-popping? This is excellent! White Oak has the most neutral undertones. That would be a lot of work but our house is small so its doable. Doing an oil based poly over them vs a water based. AIM's use of the information I provide will be consistent with the AIM Privacy Policy. Were in the process of refinishing our red oak floors and have searched what feels like the entirety of the internet for a post like this! I didnt know they made a white stain, I want to try it! :). You can see clearly the woods color undertones (yellow, pink, green, neutral, red) but they arent nearly as pronounced. But with limited resources (not to mention space), we settled on 5 popular species of wood commonly used by DIYers, with 6 different stains; 2 light, 2 medium and 2 dark. I have been doing wood finishing for over 20 years and I cant tell you how hard it is to get a client to appreciate how different stains look on different types of wood. All you need to carry out this process successfully is: 120 grit sandpaper. Love my pine floors! Ever since then I have always had a project going, whether it be restoring an old house, keeping up with a new one, bringing old furniture back to life, or working with new wood. And were so happy to have you here. :D Thanks for the comparison so useful!! yes! Loved this! All of the wood types accepted the stain well, except the non-conditioned Birch side. Get the latest This Old House news, trusted tips, tricks, and DIY Smarts projects from our expertsstraight to your inbox. The better the wood preparation, the better the final result. Wonderful!!! Doors . Did I mention we bought bright orange appliances by the Big Chill pro line? Its a beautiful medium shade that doesnt read yellow at all. Thank you for this post! This means it does not require any expertise or training to do successfully. I think each wood species looked great with some stains and subpar with others. We refinished and extended our original hardwood floors and there were gross dark stains on the original floors which didnt sand out. There is very little difference between the conditioned and unconditioned white and red oaks, but the other three definitely benefited from the pre-stain conditioner. Easy to clean . As beautiful as they are, wish we had stuck with oak due to the hardness factor. And I LOVE that white stain someone mentioned they cant find it hope that isnt an issue. Thanks so much!! I love this! Poplar has green undertones. Check the wood for any blemishes. So interesting to see the stains all lined up. Weathered Oak is a premium wood stain by Minwax. Going to bookmark it or future reference. I am definitely sharing this post with my clients. We have really loved putting it everywhere in our house. The journey was worth it, though, because Im so in love with this glossy green in contrast with the []. 2.Java and espresso stain are out of the question . Thank You, Thank You Thank You for doing this. Still love the solid wood cabinets, still love the arrangement. What are your thoughts on this? Thankyou for doing this! Using a 2-inch paintbrush, evenly coat the entire surface of the bench. It absolutely helped me to decide on a stain color for our floors, and we will use conditioner, which I wasnt aware was even an option! The ever popular and inexpensive Pine has yellow undertones. Try a premixed pickling solution such as Minwax White Wash Pickling Stain, about $12 per quart at paint stores. I have red oak floor that we are considering staining to become a medium brown like yours! All rights reserved. Do you know how Chestnut stains? Thanks! The cherry does not show where any of the doors are. You might need a little help searching, huh? You said that birch is a very soft wood (extremely) which is incorrect. We have aged red oak floors that are very orangey and when we reach the point of refinishing Im trying to decide if I want to stain it with something to neautralize the red just a little or go light. White. I really appreciate the effort put into this and the comparisons are really useful. Really enjoyed this post! Pickling, bleaching, whitewashtheyre all variations on the theme of treating light-colored woods, usually pine, oak, or ash, to make them appear even lighter, almost ethereal. Hereby I have listed specifications of Minwax pickled oak stain on oak wood. More Options Available $ 36 72 /case ($ 6.12 /unit) (3) DAP. Try bringing your countertop up the wall. Anyway thank you again! The other woods took the stain well, with more redness coming out of the conditioned sides of the boards. Oh dear. Pickled Oak is an interior wood stain color in our Beige Cream wood stain color family. Definitely going to reference this post for future stain projects. Thank you. Turns out, it looks great with the right treatment. Youd think MinWax would have this on their website. This stain added very little color to any of the boards, (maybe slightly lighter with a tinge of green), but really brought out their natural color and grain. I love this! You can use it to make beautiful wood grain on surfaces that have already been painted or varnished. I guess what they say is true; third times a charm! How many coats of stain did you do on the samples? They do this by brushing on a white or light-colored stain. This is so great that you are partnering with Minwax. This is so useful!!! This is one of my favorite posts I have ever read ! Thanks for doing this experiment and sharing! We sampled Jacobean and dark walnut on pine and our samples came out much darker than yours. Thank you so much for doing this! I want to thank you for your testing it was just what I needed. Birch is a hardwood (both yellow and white) and rates a 4 out of 5 on the hardness scale. Thank you for your help, creativity, time and amazing design inspiration. Since I poured concrete flooring (this is our second flood) and it is gray and my walls are repose gray, the bedrooms, where most of the doors are, I feel need a wood stain to give the rooms warmth. The photos are so nice. Originally, the old doors, were all maple and at one point in the 80s, my mom had the door facing the living area painted along with along with a lot of of solid-wood paneling. Would that eliminate the pink? THANK YOU!!!! Incredibly helpful! Love this! Step 4 Rub it in, Wipe it off Photo by Wendell T. Webber Some refinished do not sand super smooth (finishing below 220) for this reason, and instead use top coats to gain smoothness. Im curious if you sanded the samples, that also makes a big difference especially with pine Im surprised by some of your results on the pine, I use pine with minwax everyday to build furniture and I get very different results. #cljfam #cljtransformations, https://woodimprove.com/best-wood-stains/#product1, http://www.hardwoodinfo.com/consumer/rediscovering-hardwoods/types-of-wood/, Casual Friday: Pollys Sleeping, Eating and Schedule at 6 Months old. This really helped me determine the piece I am working on is red oak! Using a 4-inch brush, paint on a patch of the pickling solution. Our home is a traditional colonial with all white oak floors except the previous homeowners remodeled the kitchen and dining room and put in red oak! This was incredibly helpful! Anyway, it is so informative and so incredibly helpful. Really awesome post! Hi Julia & Chris. You are the best! Yes, this is my childhood home. Ive been agonizing about possibilities as I refinish the top of an antique oak dining table and chairs. It helped me tremendously! more expensive) and there was some improvement. Hi, I Am searching for best stain for cedar fence. Thank you for doing this! Do you have any recommendations? Joining our weekly newsletter gives you access to exclusive content, never-before-seen photos, your questions answered, and our favorite DIYs. White Oak cant take a bad picture. This stain added very little color to any of the boards, (maybe slightly lighter with a tinge of green), but really brought out their natural color and grain. MW260. This is SUCH a helpful post! Hi Lisa! This was perfectly timed! They have been reproduced using digital production techniques. Mix 1 part white latex primer-sealer with 3 parts water. This is the BEST ever and so thorough! Same with hinges. In our experience, this stain goes on really lightly and doesn't add much color to your wood surface. Pickled Oak. So helpful with all of the images and great descriptions! The white on the pine makes my heart race! But I hope this is helpful. totally perfect sponsored post. This was a great post!! I was really impressed with it! Minwax Simply White. It takes a stain well, is durable, inexpensive, and a good cabinet choice. That being said, I do love pine in those middle shades. My only complaint is that you DID NOT WATERMARK YOUR PHOTOS!! My mistake! They often do. THANK YOU. This is a really amazing comparison, greats job!! Im afraid of having the oil based turn simply white on white oak any bit of amber or golden. I built a queen sized farmhouse bed a YEAR ago this month and I have yet to gain the courage to actually stain and finish it, fearing Ill hate it after I screw it up with an ugly stain color or horrible application of it. Now I cant wait to do the downstairs, which are white oak floors. I am looking to build a platform / platform bed and I have white oak grey pink floors and looking to contrast it with either a less grainy wood like natural Birch, Maple, and not White Oak, but may want to stain it with a semi glossed Charcoal Gray. I found one of the photos through a google search but a whole S load of spam sites had the photo. All of the wood types accepted the stain well, except the non-conditioned Birch side. Ive been seeking for good stain for my bedroom pine furniture. Thank you for taking the time to document and share the results ! nightstands Id like to refinish to make more at home after this post Im seriously considering stain instead of paint. Awesome post. This limed look stems from the 16th-century European practice of infusing wood with a paste of caustic lime to ward off insect infestation. Coming from a family of DIYers, I have great memories helping with projects in my dad's basement workshop and refinishing antiques in my grandmother's back yard. Where with pine (except heart pine), its softness accepts stain quickly and often unevenly, which is why conditioner is so important to use before staining many softwoods. Step 1: Mix the Ingredients Important: When handling or working with lye, you should always wear gloves and probably eye protection. 0. search. I really love the Simply White and am considering using it on an antique mahogany piece. From your testing I realized I can use the red oak since my stain although not as dark as the jacobean will make seeing the difference in white vs. Red oak undetectable. But Im not really sure about it. Every wood species benefitted greatly from the conditioner with this stain. This post saved sooooo much of my time! Minwax Wood Finish. Minwax Wood Finish Semi-Transparent Color Stain is a penetrating, water-based stain that opens up a world of possibilities in just one wood-grain-enhancing coat Penetrating, water-based color that showcases wood grain One coat color dries in one hour 5x thicker for easier application (when compared to traditional oil-based stains) We tested a few for ourselves but this is helping me to find some direction in what to try next. In the past, if what I stained was too intense, I mixed a little light grey paint with lots of water, brushed it over the stained wood, then wiped it off. LOL. On oak or ash, the paint will fill the pores as well as render a chalky look to the rest of the wood. Curious how an oil based vs water based would affect the colors especially on the white oak. Youll see just how necessary it is in a minute, because of course we took our observations one step further and only used conditioner on the bottom half of each piece of wood so you can see the difference it makes. Always test stain on a hidden area of the wood to verify desired colour. Guess Ill have to ask the girlfriend what her preference is and Ill build it to her specs. Id love more in-depth stain experiments. Thank you on behalf of users all over whove seen this and appreciate that you did a sample of all the stains. 2 coats White stain on unbleached Red Oak makes for a more intense white color. Thanks so much for putting this together. Thanks! Do you think the Red Oak with a Simply White stain would turn pink as it ages? That is bland. Best bet is to cut a sample board into small pieces and do some tests until you find the right color. Just wanted to say thank you. All of the wood types accepted the stain well, except the non-conditioned Birch side. Now, the faux wood floors have tones of walnut and the counter tops are white and Im trying to do my shelves in something that will go with all the different tones but not be too matchy-matchy. Get free shipping on qualified Pickled Oak products or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Paint Department. Any thoughts on how I can approach staining them without making it a thesis project? Thank you so much. And of course it is orange once again. It will really help me to choose the right product for the wood floor of my future house. This effort is sooo great! I love wood refinishing, hope maybe someone finds this useful :). I know I will always reference this post! We are in the middle of updating our 1940s fixer upper and last month we stained our upstairs, red oak floors Jacobean and I LOVE them. White Oak has the most neutral undertones. Perhaps someone could give me their opinions of what wood and stain to use with black iron pipe? Thanks for putting in the work to share. This is so beyond helpful! My question is this: we ripped up the carpet and it looks like there is red oak underneath and the new wood that was put down in the new part of the house looks like a white oak. Darn! Whether you are installing a new hardwood floor, refinishing an old one, or just keeping your existing floor looking as good as new, Minwax has a full range of products to make and keep your floors beautiful.

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