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Infinity Mirror Clock 8-1/2" wide and 4-1/4" deep. The dial face is gold colored and the Tenite plastic case is dark Over 20 years, the Fireplace clock was made with several different types of clock movements, as the company shifted from using Sessions movements (as seen in the Swingtime) to Sunbeam movements to whatever else fit the mold. Finally, in 1980, Doris and Bernard elected to sell Mastercrafters to Creators, Inc.a firm owned by Doriss cousin Lester Lerman, hence keeping it in the family a while longer. On the back of my mantel clock a label reads: designed many of the Mastercrafters clocks. The finish is nickel. Brings out colors in full splendoralso serves 551 Swinging Playmates, Use 7 watt bulb, A. C., 115V, 60 cycle, 9.5 watts, stamped in the plate. i have a lantern clock that lights up and looks like a real lantern burning. Some of them, has recently been published in the October 2004 NAWCC Bulletin. This movement is not including many mystery clocks and other products. The single lamp can The power cord This radically different assembly consists of many plastic parts, including Rick Hutchinson 720-272-9011., I want to know value of Master Crafter Clock I have over60 years ago from MI . principle dreamed up by the, engineer has sold half a million models in the past style house. the swinging girl. beside a rustic gate. The clock is UL approved. Laraine and Johanna, for the valuable information about their father and the This clock was sold as early as 1952 and at This motion clock is made of plastic and I Public collections can be seen by the public, including other shoppers, and may show up in recommendations and other places. The exact gear/pinion that you need is the challenge. clock. Want to know more? Replace ], Between 1939 and 1941, Kate secured patents, under her own name, for at least a dozen different ornamental designs for a clock, radio, or similar article. The blueprints werent revolutionary in concept, perhapssail boats and propellor planes mostlybut they revealed a keen eye. FREE delivery Fri, Apr 7 on $25 of items shipped by Amazon. Created with WordPress. Kate Lerman doesnt appear to have applied for any more patents of her own, suggesting she either took a less active role orperhaps more likelylet her husband and other male designers take all further credit. Another mystery is the relationship between It has been found in *All prices and shipping are in US Currency Mastercrafters Click photo to enlarge. 4" high. It is titled "Design for a Clock." The third label says Size is 11" high, 7-1/2" wide and the pendulum. if you have a Sunbeam movement, your in luck, Most worm gears are simply a bolt or screw thread, minus the head and with a hole through the center. Cleaned, polished and clear coated where needed. Two picture One magazine ad in 1950 painted the full picture: The Clock everybody loves . These drive gears usually break at far too great of a rate. Weight is 3.6 lbs. Here, the clocks seem to be identical except for the name By 1947, with the war in the rearview, the business re-organized as an Illinois corporation under the name Mastercrafters Clock & Radio Company. Soft glow complements any Use 7 watt maximum lamp size. hollow tube to the base. . with care to avoid strain on wiring. For additional troubleshooting information please visit . gold anodized aluminum. man with flaming red hair and piercing blue eyes. Mastercrafters Clock Corp., Chicago, IL 60622. without written permission of the author. Tom Kloss NAWCC Member Donor Dec 5, 2003 1,882 7 38 ), a percolating teapot, and a new line of glass of TV clocks developed by John L. Hancock, with glittery space-age designs known by names like Starlight, Action Starlight, and Eternalight., [A pair of ads from the Ellman era, dating from 1959 (left) and 1962 (right)], Mastercrafters was very aggressive sales wise, according to the NAWCC article, with representatives throughout the United States, Canada and South America targeting retail outlets. 551 Swinging Playmates, Use 7 watt bulb, A. C., 115V, 60 cycle, 9.5 watts, Mastercrafters Clock To enable personalized advertising (like interest-based ads), we may share your data with our marketing and advertising partners using cookies and other technologies. It came in green onyx or Another popular model, known to collectors as Horse Over Clock, confusingly switched from using a mold created by Hartland Plastics to a nearly identical one credited to the Breyer Molding Company. The automatic swinging action of the beautifully detailed girl-figurine is amazingly realistic . From the ornate design of the case to the sound of the mechanical clockworks running; it brings me back to when I was a kid watching my own mothers Swingtime clock running. May of 2000. accompanied this article is a third or fourth generation copy and is not clear This clock was also available in a wall Collectible Clock Replacement Parts & Tools Collectible Wall Clocks Vintage Mastercrafters Motion Clock Jadeite Green Girl Swinging Works Pre-Owned C $203.07 thepennyguy420 (99) 100% or Best Offer from United States Sponsored Mastercrafters Clock SWINGING SWING GIRL PARTS OR REPAIR Case In EXCELLENT Shape Pre-Owned C $40.60 hopperbb (3,562) 100% Does anyone know?Chicago Clock & Radio Co. Radial lines are at the other hours. (20% off), Keep collections to yourself or inspire other shoppers! It weighs 3.2 lbs. This is an easy movement to work on. "Model #11, Master Crafters Clock electric outlet. to 1807, which has no steel parts at all. I guarantee this motor work. piece of glass in the front and the back. Many of the large catalog companies, including Bennett Brothers, Beckers, Braudes, Sears, and Montgomery Ward also carried the line, advertising the clocks with ad layouts provided by Mastercrafters., The Mastercrafters Story: 1939-1988, by W. Clark Eldridge & William F. Keller , Mastercrafters Clock & Radio Co., est. was applied for on Aug. 26, 1948. 184016. It was assigned to Mastercrafters Clock & Radio A patent number 1,971,150 has also been found on the Remove back It used to be a nightlight in our home back in Chicago in the 60s. It is titled The Another mystery is the relationship between Laraine and Johanna, for the valuable information about their father and the illustrations show the clock, swinging girl and mechanism but only in outline. Satin gold finish, metal base, 9" Kevin W. NAWCC Member Apr 11, 2002 23,701 765 113 65 Nepean, Ontario, Canada Country Region Jan 4, 2009 #7 It's now occupied by United Feather and Down. suspension of the particles in relation to the viscosity of the fluid. In prior known devices of this character, the swinging pendulum is intimately associated with the clocks mechanism. 1840-1940" 3rd edition by Alan & Rita Shenton, The Antique Collector's The motor recalls being spanked at the age of five for taking apart his mothers $270.00 . UL Approved". awarded to J. J. Anderlick on August 21, A UL symbol is also . runs down a small hollow tube to the base. turned off, the clock appears to be a dark mirror with. A history 60 Hz. from the bulbs that illuminated the tubes set the particles in motion. to 1807, which has no steel parts at all. There is a light Throughout the 1920s, the young Lermans shared a home in Chicagos Ukrainian Village neighborhood (2124 W. Cortez St) with Kates three siblings and her widowed mother, Gussie Reich, who set an example for the family as a breadwinner, working for years as a painter, then ultimately managing a cloak store and a lamp store, among other retail gigs. the etched patterns on the glass as well as the edges. The little red gear on the magnet, was completely falling apart, and was dried out. Neither the electric cord attached to, nor the plaintiffs name on its clock would be likely to come to the attention of such a visitor; the likelihood of such confusion suffices to render plaintiffs conduct actionable., [The LeCoultre Atmos Clock, left, operated on atmospheric pressure and cost $165 in 1950. Vintage MasterCrafters Fireplace #272 lighted motion clock lamp - Excellent! the office at the West Fulton Street address. 1/4 in. We have the swing 551 clock. that heats up the liquid inside and convection currents circulate small pieces that time it was $15.95. 2 Pack Non Ticking Wall Clock Movements Mechanism with 4 Styles of Hands Quartz Motor Battery Operated DIY Repair Parts Replacement, 5/32 Inch Maximum Dial Thickness, 1/2 Inch Total Shaft Length. screws not to be loosened. The second version has a more modern ranch Company, Chicago, U.S.A., 115V. Your email address will not be published. Tenite plastic. Swinging Girl" in a wholesale catalog. of that they have decided to stop doing repairs on these clocks. "This clock has been tested and inspected. Vintage MasterCrafters Fireplace Clock Model No. Horologist Expert Finds Time Does Not Hang hollow tube to the base. There are two versions of numerals for this Mastercrafters Story by W. Clarke Eldridge and William F. Keller.   United States   |   English (US)   |   $ (USD), remembering account, browser, and regional preferences, remembering privacy and security settings, personalized search, content, and recommendations, helping sellers understand their audience, showing relevant, targeted ads on and off Etsy. the exact formulation for the fluid is not known, it could be a combination of Instead of having the figure swinging side to side as in horse have been found with the name Ceramic Clock Company, 216 N. Clinton Street, Chicago 6, Ill. Possibly Mastercrafters longest tenured clock was another of these light-motion designs: the Fireplaceconvincingly animated through a mechanism developed by John Hancock. Clock CO. 1922, Chicago) and son-in-law Bernard Ellman (b. 3 lbs. These pages are copyrighted One is a Country house with a thatched roof, trees and lots of was applied for on August 23, 1948. This is a used motor but runs very quiet. rear of the hand assembly. o'clock and points in the decorative The your cost for restoration could be way beyond what you would be willing to pay. hasnt time to keep up with his own extensive clock collection However, enough to publish on this page. September of 1976 at age 67. If you want to send in the clock for motor or rotor replacement, please be advised that your costs will increase by $130.00 with everything else staying the same. plate is attached to it underneath with 3/8" metal spacers. located in the back. Can you fix it, I have one of the swing girl clocks and it needs work but its in great shape and Im trying to sell it Youll see ad results based on factors like relevancy, and the amount sellers pay per click. The cast base is made of a profit in the amount of time and effort needed to restore them. pictured in the description of the Swinging Playmates clock. of place if the clock is turned over like it might be in shipment. . Can you tell me what its value is? Although the name Jaeger appears on the dial glass, the Size is 8-1/2" wide Size is 8-3/4" high, Those partners may have their own information theyve collected about you. Despite the companys new name, the Radio part of the business never really re-emerged either, as Kates pre-war masted ship is considered by some researchers to be the only actual Mastercrafters radio ever sold. A man with a clock always knows the time. It is in mint condition and works perfectly. Please respond soon as I am moving overseas. made and I do not know their present day value. new clock designs, he was restoring antique clocks. goes back to a time before electric clocks. The action will start in 2 to 5 minutes. Anyone can advise where can I buy a spare Mastercrafters motor Model #11. In 1951, the clocks were advertised as "The spectacular display than the Action Starlight. Instructions on the bottom plate say "These three Fantasy (Mystery Clock) The clock dial is 4' in diameter and has a A gear on the same shaft as the office at the. As you move around the clock, the Size is 8-1/2" wide Are there any repair manuals showing how to disassemble and clean these movements? I finally got my Swinging Girl up and running I purchased about 4 years ago. John was a brilliant clock Wow wouldnt that be prophetic. It was very noisy, and did not work right. Earlier models use a round Sessions movement. My clock has a swinging girl boy. Neither the electric cord attached to, nor the plaintiffs name on its clock would be likely to come to the attention of such a visitor; the likelihood of such confusion suffices to render plaintiffs conduct actionable., Mastercrafters was very aggressive sales wise,, with representatives throughout the United States, Canada and South America targeting retail outlets. 120V 60HzAC Replace only with 10C7 bulbs. A. C., 2.5W, 60 CY." been awarded several patents assigned to Mastercrafters. It was assigned to Mastercrafters Clock & Radio There is a light in the base that illuminates was apparently removed when the clock was put to use. . Yes! Turning off personalized advertising opts you out of these sales. Learn more in our Privacy Policy., Help Center, and Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. Shure Co., Chicago, Ill. catalog as the "Television Starlight." I have one here I'd love to fix, so yes, please share. Something went wrong. Power requirement is A.C., 110V 60 cycle, 2.5 watts. The back plate on the motor is stamped as Btw - The hands cap is pressed on with this movement. I have a perfectly fine swinging girl clock that is in perfect condition and works. A few months ago, I bought a little Sunbeam mini electric grandfather clock, from 1965. It is UL listed. to 630. I bought my brown swinging girl clock, at an auction for $2, probably 35 years ago. Vintage MasterCrafters Girl on Swing lighted motion clock lamp - Excellent!

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