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Let the buyer be pleasantly surprised rather than leave room for error. And remember that as a new seller you're going to have selling limits, so you won't be making those scads any time soon. Buyer beware is a common term used in retail, but it doesn't fly on eBay. I added eBay's boilerplate about import fees. I hate photobucket right now PS Answers given years ago may or may not be current now, please check with current posters to the boards to see if the information is still relevant. On the internet you can find dozens, even hundreds of free eBay listing templates - just do a Google search for "free eBay template". What to Do If You Bought Fake Stuff on eBay, Learn How to Successfully Sell Clothing on eBay, eBay's Vehicle Purchase Protection Program, They receive an item that doesn't match the listing description. The purpose of an eBay item description is not only to sell the item, but also to sell yourself as a seller. You could include a "use at your own risk" disclaimer that states that you are not responsible for any damages readers may cause to their homes due to purchasing tools or materials you sell or following your advice. Disclaimers for ecommerce stores are an important part of your business's legal strategy. 06:30 PM, suggestion.."punctuation is your friend". For example, if you promote an Amazon product in a blog post through the Amazon Affiliates program, you need to add an Amazon Affiliates disclaimer to that blog post. The CPRA builds on the rights and responsibilities established under California has the strictest privacy laws in the United States. In most cases, you'll find this kind of disclaimer within an ecommerce store's Terms and Conditions agreement, such as this from DogFoodAdvisor: When you see a disclaimer that says "As Is" or "As Available," it means that the website or app is provided just as it is without any warranties of any kind. If there is a problem with the item (Brand New, never used, but box is not sealed. See a legal disclaimer example below from the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) website. Add in the rest of your listing details. When running an ecommerce store, there are many things to think about, from the products you're selling, to your Shipping Policy and Return and Refund Policy, to how you'll handle customer service. You'll be able to instantly access and download your new Disclaimer. This includes if you: All in all, there arent many websites that shouldnt use a disclaimer. Everything you need is included. 04-25-2014 only some countries have 1st t class tracking. By purchasing you agree waive use of paypal's item not received Claims service. These statements vary depending on the nature of your business but typically explain that a product or service is offered as is implying that the customer or user accepts it in its current condition, including any unseen faults. Except as is otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement, Seller hereby specifically disclaims any warranty ( oral or written) concerning: (i) the nature and condition of the Property and its suitability for any and all activities and uses Buyer may elect to conduct on the Property; (ii) the manner, construction, condition and state of repair Go to Listing templates in Seller Hub and select Create new template. This way, if someone reads your blog and disagrees with something the guest author wrote, they cannot take legal action against your company. A disclaimer is a statement that specifies or places limits on a business or individual's legal liability. However, it's a best practice to include some types of disclaimers even if the law does not demand them. This sample disclaimer clause allows you to lay claim to your sites creative assets. Disclaimer: The examples below are just simple representations and not actual codes in the system. Sellers can offer an exchange or replacement item as part of their return policy. Promotions can help you attract more buyers, clear old stock, increase average order size, drive repeat purchases, and even lower shipping costs by bundling more items per order. To recap, there are many types of disclaimers, and you need to pick the ones that best suit your needs. Toggle navigation. Promotions Manager provides eBay Store subscribers with an easy way to set up special offers on eBay. Here are some typical places ecommerce stores place disclaimers. Lets go over each of these benefits in a little more detail. A dialog will open as you type your search terms. Otherwise, this could prevent you from achieving Ebay Top Rated Plus or could get you removed from the program. Sellers who aren't sure of the legality or authenticity of their items can't sell those items on eBay. Copyright 1995-2023 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Once you have set up a template, its easy to revise, rename, or delete it. I know where you are coming from. You can write your disclaimers entirely from scratch or save time by using free customizable templates or disclaimer generators. How to Avoid Problem Buyers and Bad Situations on eBay, The Do's and Don'ts of Selling Defective Items on eBay, 4 Reasons to Avoid Selling Luxury Handbags on eBay, How eBay's Buyer Protection Program Works, Increase eBay Sales by Offering Stellar Customer Service, How to Handle eBay Return and Refund Requests. Should You Post Disclaimers on Your Ecommerce Store? As noted above, you are legally required to post disclaimers in some cases. It should be comprised of the following four parts: If you dont put what rights you wish to retain at the end of your notice, the legal assumption is that youre maintaining all rights. If your business sends certain confidential information by email, add a confidentiality disclaimer to all electronic communications to comply with the law or just to ensure your messages are only seen by the intended audience. Submitted Breach Notification Sample. I'm not registered to collect them anyway. If you require potential customers to sign up for any special deals or memberships as part of your ecommerce business, you can include links to your disclaimers on the sign-up page. Whatever method you choose, be mindful of how these clauses are written because you want as many of your users as possible to be able to read and understand them. From the Actions dropdown you can also edit, delete, and copy your template. By adding a disclaimer to your blog articles, you can reach people who may be attempting to learn more about your business or your product People will be here for information, so a disclaimer would be a fitting addition. A testimonial disclaimer is important because it protects your business and builds trust with your users. Weather, mishandling, or holidays can affect shipping times.". You can find out more about our use, change your default settings, and withdraw your consent at any time with effect for the future by visiting Cookies Settings, which can also be found in the footer of the site. Heres a screenshot of a good example from Tumblrs terms of service: The disclaimer tells users that the service is provided on an as is and as available basis and that by using it, visitors accept that it may contain defects or not meet their expectations. Copyright 1995-2023 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Athleta Additionally, they should be tailored to the specific risks associated with your business's products or services. Many Terms and Conditions agreements contain disclaimers. You can usually find this type of disclaimer within the Terms and Conditions agreement. 04-24-2014 Aron Hsiao began selling on eBay in 1998 and joined the site's Trust and Safety Department in 2003, helping to resolve buyer and seller conflicts and marketplace rules violations. Come back and lets see what your thoughts are when you have more than a ( 0 ) under your name .. most of the zero or low feedback numbers you see posting answers have been doing eBay for 10 years or more they have posting ID's for a reason. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. All you need to do is customize the disclaimer to match the needs and details of your business. You cannot add a disclaimer saying "I only accept returns if there . 05:44 PM. This policy helps protect buyers from purchasing illegal merchandise and helps intellectual property rights owners protect their rights. Typically found in a website's Terms and Conditions agreement, this type of disclaimer is essential because it warns users about the limits or scope of a website's liability to them. They can also help protect you from claims of false advertising. Wow, that's a lot of terms. But one thing that's often overlooked is legal disclaimers. No need to say "returns accepted under XYZ" because ebay already has a system in place for returns and when you can issue/accept returns. As previously noted, many Terms and Conditions agreements contain disclaimers. Buyers don't like surprises when it comes to item condition and remember, they get the last word with feedback after the transaction. eBay is not a party to contracts for sale between third-party sellers and buyers, nor is eBay a traditional auctioneer. X number of sellers are history and you can believe they already know how many and how much they will save. This disclaimer notice explains that Twitter will not be held responsible for the content its users choose to share, which may be offensive to others. Yes, even the free ones will do. Disclaimers inform users that your site will not be held responsible for any damages suffered from using your services. By including a disclaimer, you are telling your readers that you are not responsible for the content and that they should use their judgment to determine whether it is accurate or reliable. To present its fair use guidelines, YouTube includes a link to a copyright resource in its website footer, as shown below. Masha is an Information Security and Data Privacy Specialist and a Certified Data Protection Officer. Terms of sale:All payments due in 7 days payments not received in 7 days void all rights to mdse. It is your job as the seller to accurately describe items with text and photos. I welcome international customers in several languages. ", "I got this from an estate sale, so I have no idea if it's real or not. Even eBay offers you the use of their templates, at an additional cost though. For more information relevant to blog owners and social media influencers, check out our blog disclaimers guide. Usage: If you wanted to access variables in the call stack, particularly on user exits or . read the disclaimer. Notice. Disclaimer: Legal information is not legal advice, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Investment disclaimers explain that while a business may provide financial advice, it is not responsible for the consequences of acting on that advice. Disclaimers are a vital part of any website, but they are especially essential for ecommerce sites. They can help protect you from a range of potential liabilities and can also be used to disclaim responsibility for certain damages, such as indirect or consequential damages. If on the other hand you are returning the item simply because you no longer want/need the item you will be responsible for return shipping. But, something to consider though is how many sales you're likely losing. Honestly, if a seller is putting up their own terms of sale, its best to avoid them. View cart for details. (Example: 'contact seller') Authenticity disclaimer policy If you intend to sell on one or more of eBay's international sites, you will need to accept, and we encourage you to carefully review, the User Agreement, policies, and other requirements of that site. During most disputes, eBay will side with the buyer as their goal is to create a buyer-friendly environment. Access any variable in SAP ABAP. And your return policy text, while well intentioned, potentially plants bad ideas in some people's minds. SHIPPING:Packages ship within 24 hours of payment being received.CONDITION NOTES:I try to take plenty of photos and provide detailed descriptions of my items so please review them before bidding on my items. INTNL: If you USE PAYPAL you must use a receipt confirmed mail service. This means being upfront and honest about what products or services are being offered, and any potential risks involved. Another example weve included below comes from Amazons disclaimer of warranties, a suitably comprehensive statement that applies to its services and products. Including an affiliate disclaimer is a simple way to comply with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines and ensure that your visitors have all the information they need to make informed decisions about the products they purchase through your site. From 2013 through 2017, he served as senior communications manager for Terapeak, which offers marketplace research and listing analytics to online sellers. Confidentiality disclaimers, also known as email disclaimers, explain that some content is only intended to be seen by a certain audience for example, private information in an email. A confidentiality disclaimer states who the message is for, why the recipient should not forward it to others, and who they should contact if they receive it by mistake. After all, you certainly don't want your users to click away because they couldn't make sense of them. It is often referred to as buyer's remorse. The Information Commissioners Office (ICO), which enforces global privacy laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the UK, also has a disclaimer on its site, shown below. I also clean of each game cartridge and case individually before sending them out removing as much dirt, stickers, and markings as I can. They are the site owner, they set the terms. The choices are: When selling a pre-owned item, always under-grade your item. Most sellers require buyers to pay return shipping. If you dont have a disclaimer, youre potentially leaving your business vulnerable to legal trouble. You can create up to 50 different templates. Use of this site is subject to our Terms of Use. All Shipping Prices are subject to revision due to Final destination and shipping price or fee increases. I urge all to call EBAY To COMPLAIN about this today .. Why sell anything that makes you think you're likely to be sued, that necessitates disclaimers, that requires the creation of TOS that may not align with eBay's, etc.? You can dictate terms on your own website but you can't supersede the terms eBay has implemented on their site. Take your time when describing and photographing your eBay items. Less the customer has to ponder something, the more chance they'll buy. I only leave behind stickers which could possibly lead to damage to the item if I were to remove them for instance security stickers on game labels. Payment can be made directly thru CC or other arranged terms. But this doesn't mean sellers can't set their own policies as long as they are in alignment with eBay's Guarantee. There are many types of disclaimers that address liabilities for different industries, activities, and content, and the most common types of disclaimers are: Disclaimers reinforce your companys legal defenses by specifically addressing certain liabilities that arent explained in your other policies. This disclaimer lets your users know if youre being compensated by the companies whose products you mention on your website or app, and it must appear on every page that includes a sponsorship, endorsement, or affiliate link. Alternatively, you can quickly create a free disclaimer by answering a few simple questions using our Disclaimer Generator. In the next section, we summarize some of the most common disclaimers relevant to your business, so take note of the ones you might need. For example: If your listing has an eBay return policy, then you must accept returns for any reason (even "sorry my cat ordered it" or "I changed my mind"). I ship over 50% internationally. This ensures that your customers have the opportunity to view them before they sign-up or proceed any further with using your site. Preview or Save the template. All bins and bids are invitation of offer only - you're not legally obligated to honor a sale. For example, CoinDesks terms and conditions includes the following investment disclaimer clause: Although CoinDesk provides information about investing in digital assets, its disclaimer says no advice or information on the site guarantees any warranty of any kind. Legal and data protection research writer at TermsFeed. Is Your Ecommerce Store Legally Protected by Disclaimers? If you post content on YouTube, you can add the appropriate YouTube disclaimers to the description of your video, like a copyright, no responsibility, music, or fair use disclaimer to limit what you can be held liable for doing, using, or showing in your content. Below, see a YouTube video disclaimer example from The Cosmic Wonder. Enter an email address where you'd like to receive your Disclaimer and click "Generate.". For instance, say you have an online store selling supplements to resolve problems such as erectile dysfunction or other sensitive issues. For law firm websites and lawyer blogs, posting this disclaimer prevents liabilities from falling onto you. If you are not the named addressee, you should not disseminate, distribute or copy this email. This is EBAY/PAYPAL policy. It states that the website does not guarantee or warrant to the user that the products or services on the site will meet their needs or expectations. Medical, fitness and/or health content and products. Below, is an example from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) podcast disclaimer. Most consumers appreciate it when a business is transparent in its dealings with them. Most websites include accuracy disclaimers to warn visitors that there may be some inaccuracies or typos on the site. This prevents users from taking legal action against your business because of a simple mistake. print at the bottom of all your listings: Traditional APIs: Orders, resolutions and feedback, eBay APIs: Talk to your fellow developers, RESTful Sell APIs: Account, Inventory, Catalog and Compliance, RESTful Sell APIs: Marketing, Analytics, Metadata, Post Order APIs - Inquiry, Case Management, UPDATED: Seller protections are in place across the country, Seller Protections are in place for the Southeast and other regions, Were testing a simplified mobile listing experience for collectible sneakers, How I Built An eBay Business With Eddie Chung, Seller Protections are in place for those impacted by winter weather, eBay Motors announces the eBay Guaranteed Fit Program, Seller Protections for the South and Central US, 7 Questions with Stephanie Garcia of MamaBreaks, Seller Protections for shipping delays due to winter storms and flooding, 7 Questions with Gerron Moore of Big Dreams, IRS announces delay in new $600 1099-K tax reporting threshold, Seller Protections are in place for sellers impacted by Winter Storm Elliott, 7 Questions with Camilla and Khang of TheFIResellers, USPS decreased rates for Priority Mail labels effective December 9, 2022, In Celebration of Sellers and Small Business, URGENTjoin our grassroots campaign to raise the new IRS tax reporting threshold. It becomes a sale when the seller has knowingly accepted (just because buyer sent funds doesn't mean it's automatically accepted) payment and shipped the item. I only have one item for sale.. people are nuts. Just follow these steps: At Step 1, select where your Disclaimer will be used. Less is more. And it's also a huge, tech-savvy market. But I doubt they will do anything- just punish us more, it used to be fun having a store was fun, isitng cost 2 cents if you had a store- and they took 6% FVF. Our free, downloadable disclaimer template is written in simple language and can be easily modified to address the liabilities you have on your website or app. However, it's crucial to note that you can't use them to protect your business if you engage in dishonest behavior. Another option to consider, at least for the lower priced items, is to ship 1st class and hope for the best. There are easy options to repair this. This type of disclaimer is vital if your site allows contributions from others or provides a platform for users and guests to leave comments. This article does not create an attorney-client relationship, nor is it a solicitation to offer legal advice. February 6, 2023 Generate a Free Custom Disclaimer Original work copyright disclaimer: This disclaimer can be used on blogs, websites, images, videos, music, and even social media to establish your ownership over original content. This can help foster a more positive relationship with everyone you do business with. This is also dangerous when used incorrectly. Other times they can be found as clauses within other legal agreements, including your: If you own a business that operates online in any capacity, its in your best interest to have a disclaimer. And as new information is added to a website, there's always a chance that some of it could be inaccurate. I guarantee there will be drama. Just wipe all that text. Some examples of flaws to disclose; It is quite possible, even normal, for the buyer not to read the description carefully or look at all the photos. Usually discs look like new with only a few small superficial scratches which are barely visible and do not affect play. Instead, use a free disclaimer template or a generator to customize your own. Since I don't mention taxes for other nations, I feel I can kick any questions back to the customer's own government. Our disclaimer templates are designed to offer legal protection for websites in the US and Canada, as well as those globally from the UK, all the way to Australia and South Africa. You cannot add a disclaimer saying "I only accept returns if there is a problem with the item" because that contradicts the eBay returns policy. The screenshot below shows a HIPPA email disclaimer sample from the University of Miami. ALL US orders include FREE del. If your business has a strong social media presence, post a relevant social media disclaimer covering topics like what is allowed to be shared on your website or app, how opinions shared by an employee do not reflect the companys beliefs, and any other relevant removal of liabilities. The sale of unauthorized replica and counterfeit items is illegal. Using the template is simple just copy and paste the sample disclaimer text into the HTML of your site. Their business is not yours, and there may be small details that apply to them and not to you. For websites and apps, warranty disclaimers state that the company makes no promises about the accuracy and reliability of the content it publishes. the Terms and Conditions agreement, Privacy Policy, as seen above. A buyer reports that they didn't receive an item or requests a return within theeBay Money Back Guarantee timelines. You can create reusable listing templates from Seller Hub - opens in new window or tab. Posting an affiliate disclosure is also legally required by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). eBay is an extremely crowded marketplace which means buyers may look at tens or hundreds of listings before they get to yours. St. Phillips College also uses this clause to dictate what users can and cannot post on their social media pages.

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