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Does anyone know if there has been a re-labeling for the Coco Shea Honey CANDLE or if there is a dupe out there? So I purchased the candle and it did not disappoint," one reviewer said. Its profile combines notes of raspberry nectar, iris, and vanilla, to smell like sweet candy in the best way possible. Ironically, MT High Intensity did not seem as intense as MT. The numerous options available and the fragrance tones in each make choosing near impossible. Smell like strawberry, Apple, and other tropical fruit scents. This scent pairs herbaceous sage with notes of clean white tea for a fresh and invigorating profile thats also grounding. I'll do some researching. "I recognize it as soon I'm near someone who's wearing it and it immediately turns my stomach. View Map & Get Directions. For something sweet, we love the Butterfly Fine Fragrance Mist, which is a floral and fruity take on vanilla. Key Notes: Eucalyptus oil and spearmint oil | Size: 6.5 oz. "This was good back when I was 14, not for me in my 30s," one reviewer wrote on the Bath & Body Works website. Those are 3 of my all time favs. If you're getting Cactus Blossom in candle form, you're in for a treat. when i got to thinking, i remembered it being an old hand sanitizer scent i used to have from b&bw. It was a cold sniff through a mask in the store so I can't be sure but it smelled way too similar to buy both. I just updated my dupes & repackages list. So it could be hit or miss for you, but it's worth a try. "It has such good reviews & I DON'T KNOW WHY!" Key Notes: Bubbly Champagne, sparkling berries, and juicy tangerine | Size: 8 fl oz. Scentportables are car air fr. Made with vanilla bean, sugar cookies, warm caramel, and more, this fragrance will make you smell and feel like a sweet treat. This clean, fresh collection was introduced in 2019. And aside from the negative review on Reddit, other customers have found Sun-Washed Citrus to be a good option. THE BBW Complete Home Fragrance List (2020) THE BBW Complete Body Fragrance List (2020) Wear This / Taste This - BBW Face, Lip, and Hair . Hi! Bath & Body Works offer such a delightfully extensive collection of scents; it is difficult to say which scent is the absolute best. Bath & Body Works was founded in New Albany, Ohio, by Les Wexner. Telefon - 0821 324-3851. You cant miss the jasmine scent since the top notes, lilac and the night-blooming jasmine, are decidedly floral. Anyone know a dupe or something familiar to Holiday Sparkle? However, these unexpected ingredients produce one of their best scents. I got the Sea Island Shore hand soap and it's identical to SIC, so I'm assuming it's the same for the body care. There are no fixed prices for all Bath & Body Works perfumes since price differs according to the fragrance. Ive been trying to figure out which winter scent is the same as blue ocean waves. I would also try Sunshine Mimosa (fresh citrus, nectarine, unlisted floral notes, splash of champagne). I am on my last bottle and it is dwindling daily! If anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated!!! The woodsy-ness of the pine, plus the sweetness of the vanilla is unique, but still familiar and cozy in the best way possible. Denim and Daisies is more perfumy/floral than Sun Ripened RaspberryI heard we are getting a re-release of SRR for body care day or SAS coming up, cant wait! The raspberry and vanilla notes are faint compared to the main floral scent. The largest origin and end, alpha and omega of all its -points.The suprganism that engulfs all pints, acting worldcycles of life-death existence:Ss-1^TsStTt-1 in its 3 networks, TsSt, that define all Suprganism Reality is made of Diemotions of coexistence, the minimal unit of measure that require @ still mind pov and a l . Germany. I see where "Cactus Lilly" is the repackage for Velvet Tuberose, but is that just for candles or was there a body fragrance line? "Such a shame because the scent itself is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for spring/summer!" "I don't know who would want to smell like this honestly Just save your money, you'll thank me later.". The 37 Best Beauty Advent Calendars of 2022 Best Woodsy Bath & Body Works Mahogany Teakwood Concentrated Room Spray Bath & Body Works View On Amazon View On Bathandbodyworks.com What We Like Warm scent mixes woodsy and spice. If I do end up buying it for the cute blue jar at least I can compare though! It comes in candles, fragrances, hand sanitizers, and body care products. The closest would probably be BBW's French Lavender & Honey, which has mandarin w/ floral mid-notes and nectarines. Another user called the scent "generic" and said that it smells like the average clean-cut fragrance. Has it been renamed? Yikes. Bath & Body Works scents have come a long way since those days. DW also has a pretty good lavender vanilla version! The base note is a musk so light, it is hardly detectable but combines perfectly with the top and middle notes to produce that fresh scent we love. Anyone know the rename of dreamy vanilla woods? These are Repackages with a twist/change- similar but not exact dupes. That's a solid B grade, so keep your eye out for this product. This is why choosing the right scent can be a difficult task. Oh sorry, I see that you were lookin for a body care dupe and I suggested a candleI know for sure we will get at least Island Margarita in hand soap coming up soon! But it also makes it difficult to peg the best products. Its reviews, such as this one, where I now decide on what scent to purchase. Other fans of the scent pointed to Hello Beautiful's "romantic floral scent" and its elegance. Kate enjoyed making her beauty products from natural ingredients she found around the farm. Even if you dont like a fragrance on your skin, you still might love it in a candle. I need something that smells like Velvet Tuberose. But before you mourn the loss of your favorite lotions, fragrances, and more, make sure to check the Bath & Body Works website. But unlike the product's description that once said"you're sure to fall in love at first radiant mist," not everyone has had such a positive reaction. Moonlight Path is supposed to smell of jasmine, violets, and lavender but this Reddit user said that it had "no distinct scent and smelled like nothing." I just put it away because I feel like it's a warm weather scent, oh well! Comes in candles, colognes, fine fragrance mists, and body care products. Anyone have any dupes for Midnight Swim (blue waters, Beach flower, fresh coastal air) or Stargazing Meditation (bergamot, patchouli, vetiver)? This page is your go-to source for all things Bath & Body Works discontinued scents. one reviewer wrote on the Bath & Body Works website. Melanie Rud is a Chicago-based writer with 10 years of experience covering beauty. This bestseller is part of the brands aromatherapy line and is gives a clean, verdant, and oh-so-fresh aroma. The hand sanitizer and hand cream options are also nice because the profile is not overpowering or saccharine. She has previously held editorial positions at Vanity Fair, Allure, Byrdie, and Refinery29. The perfume is made up of white gardenia, jasmine, and magnolia blossom and if that doesn't sound wonderful, we don't know what does. What does this mist smells like? What about Sea Island Blossomand ideas on what that may be labeled under? They repackage so often, it's really nice to know what's actually new! Others echoed the same sentiment, saying that when they wear At the Beach, they feel like they're on a summer vacation in Hawaii. The products in this collection have a refreshing floral fruity scent. With notes of vanilla, Apple, peony, and sandalwood, it has quickly become a favorite. Her hobby grew into a passion that led her to study Biology at the University. Whether you use it as a fine fragrance mist, body wash, hand cream, or hand sanitizer, its sure to be equally enjoyable. I also have a section of the site dedicated to Goose Creek and Yankee Candle dupes: https://www.smellthis.net/dupes-and-repackages.html. Comes in a candle, hand soap, hand sanitizer, room fragrance, and hand cream. But one Reddit user had the most violent review of them all. The gingham decoration was canned as well in favor of modern white walls. Key Notes: Rich mahogany, dark oak, and frosted lavender | Size: 1.5 oz. The product lines have expanded with time; Bath & Body Works now sells men's products, air fresheners, and small makeup items like lip gloss. Karima Reyes Bath and Body Works Retired Scents For many of people, Bath & Body Works creates more than scentsit creates memories. In bbw or fragrance anywhere. SARS-CoV-2 directly damages lung tissue via its infection and replication process and indirectly due to systemic effects of the host immune system. As employees and die-hard customers, were well aware a lot of discontinued scents are simply repackaged and renamed or sometimes theyll come out with very similar scents. So excuse us while we track down the nearest Bath & Body Works so we can score this scent before it sells out. Yikes, talk about a scathing review. Night Blooming Jasmine fragrance mist would transport you to cool nights on a porch surrounded by the amazing smell of jasmine. You can do more than have a sweet tooth; you can smell like one. The 6th dimension is the WORLD, ST. Well, it's described as "seductive" and boasts a combo of black raspberry, rose, and vanilla bean. That will help me find u a dupe. Another user found that the scent reminded them of Play-Doh:"It just reminds me of Play-doh for some reason, I can't explain it," they said. does anyone have a suggestion for amber blush? The lotion is packed with nourishing skin care ingredients such as vitamin E, shea butter, and aloe. This scent is one of our favorites; and according to Reddit, many other peoples' favorites too due to its enticing blend of raspberry, amber, mocha, rose, and patchouli (per Bath & Body Works). But the body care will almost always be what the store is known for, with its most well-known scents leading the way. We are passionate about making sure you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing your new fragrance. Augsburg, BY D-86152. Bath & Body Works is owned by L Brands, a large American fashion retailer headquartered in Columbus. Please keep this year round," wrote one happy customer on the company's website. Ahead, find the best Bath & Body Work scents, from the most popular of all time, to underrated cult favorites. Key Notes: Sparkling bergamot, white tea, and fresh sage | Size: 8.5 oz. Crisp citrus is lightened up by the water lily notes for a crisp and fresh smell. Just like a glass of cool lemonade on a hot day, this scent is refreshing. Described as a "fresh blend" of citrus and violet, Gingham is one of the first scents on this list that is worth the purchase. The good news is, you didnt have to try them all. Its profile blends notes of cool linen, crisp tart apple, and soft musk evoking the scent of freshly laundered sheets. Others have called it a "staple" in their collection, and with over 400 five-star reviews, it's pretty clear that Beautiful Day has some serious fans. You know it's bad when a Bath & Body Works employee genuinely loathes the smell of one of the store's iconic scents. "Will definitely go back and get it again!" Do you know of any repackages of Cool Amazon rain? Now, create a list of Scents you like, put down the scents you thought of while making your dislike list. Keep reading to discover the best Bath & Body Works fragrance. Although it's a holiday scent, we wear it year-round (don't tell anybody)! Top notes of peonies, quince, amber, prosecco, and smooth amaretto give this mist its noticeable floral scent. Have you ever tried the BBW scent, Winter? Today, she is a contributing writer rounding up the best products in makeup, skin, and hair. "This is another one of those scents that just smells like a teenager should be wearing it, not a quality mist," wrote another. Overall, it's a solid choice, but may not be everyone's top pick. Some customers raved about the fragrance in the reviews on the website, saying that they'd bought it in the body mist and body lotion form. Best Selling Bath & Body Works Scent: Japanese Cherry BlossomThis is the perfect mixture of florals and fruit.Best Bath & Body Works Scent for Women: A Thousand WishesA thousand wishes is Chic and classy; feminine and flirty.Best Bath & Body Works Scent for Men: NoirMysterious, exotic, and bold, Noir embodies the man perfectly.Most Popular Bath & Body Works Scent: Cucumber MelonFresh and sweet, a whiff of the cucumber melon fragrance mist is enough to transport us back to middle school.Best Smelling Bath & Body Works Scent: Japanese Cherry BlossomJapanese Cherry Blossom has a fruity floral fragrance with sub notes of patchouli, vanilla, and musk that is hard to resist.Newest Bath & Body Works Scent: Strawberry Pound CakeGourmand lovers would enjoy this new Bath & Body Works scent; it smells exactly as it should, of strawberries, cream and cake.. Its simple! "I fell in love with this fragrance when it first released. Notes are listed as clean cotton, orange blossom, blue freesia and ocean musk . Also, the base notes are amber, cinnamon, patchouli, oakmoss, Himalayan cedar, vanilla, and sandalwood. Citrus Sugar Cookie got renamed to Frosted Biscotti. Doesn't sound too bad, right? The brand'swebsite says this scent is "inspired by the dessert of your dreams" and calls it a "sweet, airy blend of fresh strawberries, golden shortcake and whipped cream." A long-time Bath & Body Works fan, she always has a stash of the brand's candles at the ready. I used to pay a lot of money for whatever was still available from eBay and Amazon but that's all been gone for a long time now. Check. Get the best deals on Discontinued Bath And Body Works Lotions for your home salon or home spa. Bonfire bash is similar but not right. Has anyone found a dupe or cousin for BBW Magnolia Blossom? Multiple people must confirm this is a repackaged scent. Tried Tiki Beach but didn't like it. For some, the Rose Eau de Perfume is the best Bath & Body Works perfume. Then in the "Featured" column, click the "Retired Fragrance" line that's listed on the right. I think it might be Frozen lake but Im not sure. I really wish I had seen this sooner because I already have the Chestnut & Argan. You can get the White Citrus if you like citrusy scents. The middle notes are lily, tuberose, Kyoto rose petals, Japanese cherry blossom, and mimosa. Everytime I find the perfect fragrance they discontinue it! Reviewers note the candle and spray have different profiles. NOW WATCH: Some Lush stores now have a conveyor belt of bath bombs, According to the Bath & Body Works website. According to a reviewer on Bath & Body Works' website, Cucumber Melon is a "weak scent and it does not last.". The scent made its way onto the MSN list of the best Bath & Body Work scents and received an 8 out of 10. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Best Refreshing Fragrance: Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon Fine Fragrance Mist. It has a lot of potential. Thank you so much why do they do this a scent that has fabulous reviews and then just take it away. BBW's official notes were: sparkling clementine, cheerful sunflowers, and luscious white nectarines. Some reviewers of the fragrance not only love the smell but find that it's "great to wear to work" and that they tend to get a lot of compliments when they wear the fragrance. The 10 Best Scented Lotions That'll Leave You Smelling Amazing, 10 Perfumes Similar to Baccarat Rouge 540, 13 Best Body Washes for Men of 2023 that Cleanse, Hydrate and Smell Phenomenal, The 25 Best Body Butters for Dry Skin of 2023, The 14 Best Aloe Gels and Lotions of 2023, 18 Non-Boring Candles Worth Gifting (and Receiving). 4.5 out of 5 stars . Is there a repackage or sister scent to the fragrance sexy by dahlia rush from the sweet hearts collection. It's supposed to be a combination of sweet pea (duh), pear, and raspberry with a soft musk. Any thoughts on last year's Whipped Vanilla Chiffon? Some popular ones worth checking out include the $13.50 Twilight Woods shea body cream, the $12.50 Cucumber Melon shower gel, and the $14.50 Paris Amour mist. Do musky scents turn you off? Scan this QR code to download the app now. Home Shop By Fragrance Fresh Fresh 294 Items 1 2 3 Fresh Rainfall Gentle & Clean Foaming Hand Soap $7.50 $2.95 - Ends Today! Germany. Thanks! How long a product lasts depends on what product youre looking at. According to the very dedicated Reddit forum about iconic Bath & Body Works scents, customers who've tried Moonlight Path have been disappointed, and in one case, pretty much scarred from the fragrance. I absolutely Love Rose Petals and Linen - wallflower scent. Have you tried Wildberry Jam Donut? But unfortunately for some fans, the brand constantly retires products to make room for new lines and there's no worse feeling than your signature scent being discontinued. However, gourmand scents can easily go wrong, becoming cloying or artificial smelling, and unfortunately, that's the case with StrawberryPound Cake by Bath & Body Works. BBWs response to that lawsuit birthed the era that launched them to success. I really want to get more and hope they come out with it again but if they don't I hope they at least repackage that scent. We love it not just because it makes us refreshing but also how decadent the scent is. They said that the perfume smells of "Lysol and stomach bile" (sorry for the squeamish among you), and reminds them of when they had the stomach flu. Body care products are made with nourishing skin care ingredients such as vitamin E and aloe. I couldnt place it for a while, but all of a sudden I remembered the Sun-Ripened Rasberry scent! Nov 16, 2022 4:24 PM EST Bath & Body Works retires certain fragrances over time to keep their inventory fresh. Additionally, I find their descriptions less than informative and 2-3 sentences isnt going to sell me a product. Repackages, THE Bath & Body Works Complete Home Fragrance List (2019), THE Bath & Body Works Complete Body Care Fragrance List (2019), A Thousand Christmas Wishes = A Thousand Wishes For You = *Merry Cherry Cheer / *Sweet Summer Sunset, Beach Night Summer Marshmallow = Vanilla Bean, Blueberry Sugared Donut = Santa's Blueberry Shortbread, Boardwalk Taffy = Cotton Candy Clouds = Whipped Berry Meringue, Bourbon Strawberry & Vanilla = Secret Wonderland = Wild Strawberry Leaf, *Confetti Cake Pop = *Christmas Cookies, *Fresh Gardenia & Lime = *Gardenia & Fresh Rain, Juicy Pink Dragonfruit = Lush Pink Dragonfruit, Aromatherapy Orange & Cedarwood / Calm = Aromatherapy Nighttime Tea, #EASTER =Buttercream Frosting / Frosted Cupcake / Confetti Cupcake (Sparkle Everyday), Blackberries & Basil = Blackberry Tea Leaf, Bloom = First Bloom = Live in Sunshine = Mother's Day 2015, Blueberry Sugared Donut = Santa's Blueberry Shortbread, Bright Bouquet = Fresh *Spring Blue Skies*= Flirt = Mother's Day 2013 = Paris Daydream, Bright Verbena Blossoms (Sunshine) = Lemon Verbena = Seaside Citrus, Brown Butter Praline = French Caramel Cake = Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecake = Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake, Candied Pecans = Praline Pecan = Praline Pecan Cobbler, Candy Hearts = Pink Fairy Gumdrop = *Unicorn Sprinkles, Capri = Freshwater & Sea Salt = Sea to Santorini, Caramel Apple = Sweet Caramel Comfort (Home) -, Caramel Pumpkin Swirl = Cinnamon Caramel Swirl, *Cardamom & Ginger = *Lemongrass Cardamom, Cardamom & Suede = Holly Jolly Christmas = Autumn Night, *Cereal Marshmallow Bar = *Key Lime Pie = *Rainbow Confetti, *Chocolate Peppermint Cream = *Mint Chocolate (OG Slatkin), Cinnamon Sugared Donut = Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla = Glazed Cinnamon Bun, Coconut Pineapple = Iced Pineapple = Paradise Coconut, Electric Tokyo = Hearts & Flowers = Love = WB Mothers Day 2014 = Peony Petals = Pink Petals = Tokyo Petals, Espresso Bar = Gourmet Espresso = Harvest Coffee= Winter Caf, Hot Cocoa & Cream = Easter Bunny = Hippity Hop = Ohio, *Iced Coconut Milk = *White Velvet Coconut, Island Papaya = Pineapple Mango = Papaya Sunrise, Mahogany Teakwood = Black Teakwood = Ocean Driftwood (2014), Malibu Citrus Glow = Peach Bellini = Sweet Peach & Nectarine, *Mango Dragonfruit = *Merry Mango = Sweet Maui Mango = Tiki Dragonfruit (Chase the Sun), Maple Cinnamon Pancakes = Pumpkin Caramel Latte, Marshmallow Fluff = Vanilla Bean Marshmallow, Midnight Blue Citrus = Snowflakes & Citrus, Paris = Pink Champagne = Sparkling Berries & Pears, Paris Caf= But First Coffee = *CafAu Lait = Campsite Coffee, Poolside Daydream = Sun Soaked Sandalwood, Pumpkin Coconut = Spiced Madeline = Toasted Coconut, Pumpkin Pie = Pumpkin Vanilla = Pumpkin Vanilla Crme, Rainforest Gardenia = Seaside Gardenia = White Gardenia, Pink Lemonade Punch (Smile) = Raspberry Citrus Swirl = Sparkling Sugarplum, Salted White Mango (I Need Vitamin C) = Sun-Drenched Mango, Sangria Berry Fizz = Sparkling Berry Fizz, Snowflakes & Cashmere = Chestnuts & Argon, Sparkling Limoncello = Sugared Lemon Zest, Sun-Washed Citrus = Capri Citron = Merci Beaucoup, Vanilla Bean = Vanilla Bean Macaron = Vanilla Bean Marshmallow. Sounds similar but maybe with an extra hint of pine. Maybe they've renamed it because the previous name could . And I cannot bring myself to pay $40 for a large bottle of it. Orange Flower Sandalwood Body Wash and Foam Bath $15.95 Mix & Match Full-Size: Buy 3, Get 3 FREE or Buy 2, Get 1 FREE Add to Bag (114) Orange Flower Sandalwood Ultimate Hydration Body Cream $17.95 Mix & Match Full-Size: Buy 3, Get 3 FREE or Buy 2, Get 1 FREE Add to Bag (151) Online Exclusive Tutti Frutti Candy Shower Gel $13.50 $8.00 Add to Bag Whether it's the brand's limited edition fragrances for the holiday season or its tried-and-true fragrances, the perfumes definitely have their fans. Think of the scents that you didnt like at the first sniff. Here we developed a parallelized mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics . In my opinion, your article was spot on and you gave a better description than B&BWs website. You can also find her freelance work at Vogue, Harpers BAZAAR, Bustle, POPSUGAR, WWD, Martha Stewart Living, and Well+Good. Bath & Body Works is known for tons of fragrances. one happy client wrote. Warm spicy scent sweetened with notes of coffee. It has such cleanness that it reminds us of that feeling we get just after a bath. The regular price for Olay Essential Botanicals Body Wash Variety Pack, 3/23.6 fl oz. Nothing says strip mall or smells more like the early 2000s than Bath & Body Works. One Redditor called the fragrance "warm and rich" while another reviewer described it as a "sexy evening fragrance." Also passion fruit cupcake = pineapple crumb cake, Christmas cookies does not smell like Confetti Cake Pop. Top editors give you the stories you want delivered right to your inbox each weekday. 11 offers from $19.90. Today, Bath & Body Works is more relevant than theyve ever been. Well, the scent is easy to wear (if you're getting it in spray form), slightly sweet, and not overpowering. Bath and Body Works SECRET WONDERLAND Deluxe Gift Set Lotion - Cream - Fragrance Mist - Shower Gel + FREE Shower Sponge Lot of 5. Or frosted sugarplum? To me dark kiss is a dupe of little black party dress. These collections include products from perfumes and bath gels to lotions all with the same scent. At least, they have the last couple of years. I have not found a scent anywhere that compares to it." So if you find a scent you love, just bear in mind that it may not come in both a candle and a body wash, necessarily (though many do). It is my favorite scent and Ive been looking forever but I cant find anything. One thing is clear, this fragrance mist is fresh, and when the sun comes out, everyone wants to smell clean, and gingham is clean. If youre able to, try out a scent before you purchase. Cactus Blossom is an overall good fragrance from Bath & Body Works. Also, as a long shot, a dupe for a candle called "pomander" that they had YEARS ago. To find the retired. A Thousand Wishes is the cucumber melon spray of the 20th century. May your Christmas' be Merry, Bright & full of Light & Love. A Guide to The Best Perfumes For Older Ladies in 2023, Best Smelling Febreze Scents: The 2023 Plug-In List, My Lume Review: Best Lume Deodorant Scents, Choosing Under-Breast Deodorants That Actually Work. Hello Beautiful is an iconic scent option from Bath & Body Works, and luckily for us, it comes in a body mist, shower gel, and body lotion. Like most Bath & Body Works scents, the rose is light and airy enough and doesnt overpower the senses. Lavender Cedarwood is a great candle that throws from Bath and body works as well, and it has a powdery scent like Lavender Vanilla, even though it's not a LV candle. I am looking for a dupe of the B&BW Tinker Bell Sugared Pixie Dust wallflower. I've had better luck with Village Candle Lavender or Lavender Sea Salt. Watch Her Candle Review Videos: Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Or Berry Waffle Cone? Some people like the "warm mystery" of Twilight Woods; others find the combination of berry, mandarin, apricot, and woods to be less appealing. But for this Reddit user, the smell that took them back was none other than the iconic Bath & Body Work scent, Sweet Pea. -Thanks! You can scent Cypress wood, lush berry, and soft mimosa. Intoxicating floral scent? Does anyone know if there is a dupe for Steel from the men's line? Since the scent is from 2012's Wild Garden Collection, I assume we have quite a few contenders. Key Notes: Tropical white coconut, saltwater, and wood | Size: 10 fl oz. Only comes in a candle and home fragrance. Tropical white coconut mixed with saltwater and wood for a sweet scent thats grounded. Bath & Body Works FOREVER SUNSHINE Body Lotion 8oz Retired DISCONTINUED Rare . Another said that Japanese Cherry Blossom smelled like "old lady bubble soap" to them, and another really didn't hold back on their critique: "I haaaaaate Japanese Cherry Blossom! Additionally, reviewers on the Bath & Body Works website wrote that the formulation has recently changed, resulting in a weaker and less-pleasant-smelling version of the scent. . Also for Juniper Breeze. Hi Crina, Reddit users describe A Thousand Wishes as "a designer perfume vibe smells similar to Burberry Her" and say that the scent is sweet and feminine, reminiscent of "smelling flowers while drinking champagne." A strategy that has resounding success when you consider the amount of money BBW racks in every year. Reviewers of the fragrance on Fragrantica seem to like the scent overall, with one reviewer writing: "Sweet fruity floral scent by my favorite line Bath & Body Works. Bath & Body Works constant debut of new products keeps their consumers at the edge of their seats, for the next iconic scent. :). I can't with it," one user wrote. "It does not have a ton of staying power but I honestly enjoy using it every time I need a refresh." Even when the top and middle notes are gone, this all-time favorite mist still leaves you smelling of comfort in creamy sandalwood, warm vanilla bean, and cocoa bean. I get sick just thinking about it." Sweater weather is perfect for warm scent lovers. Now, how can you tell the best from the ordinary if you havent tried them all? If anything, Warm Vanilla Sugar is at the top of the list because it's just as wonderfully scented as it is nostalgia-inducing for those days years ago when we couldn't get enough of it. It's called pink lily and bamboo!! She covers all things skincare for Byrdie, from ingredients to acne advice. What are the most popular fragrances at Bath & Body Works. The sight of any Bath & Body Works store is enough to remind you of your childhoodthose days in middle school when sun-ripened raspberry was the days scent. Take advantage of sweater weather and smell like fall all year round. is $15.99. Perfect for a cozy night of pretending to watch Almost Famous with your high school BF. As a regular online buyer of many of their products, Im finding I dont have much time anymore to read the online descriptions, or go to a mall, so Im overwhelmed by all the scent offerings. Dupe for hello autumn? Think classy, Christmassy, and sweet. Looking for dupes of Sun-ripened Raspberry. Not to worry, though, weve put together tested and trusted tips that make this seemingly impossible task easy and fun. And since cinnamon is one of the most easily recognizable scents, it should smell exactly right, which it does. I still love it though." This scent is featured in the fine fragrance mist, body care products, and candles, so you have tons of options if you stan it as much as we do. Fronhof 4. Bath & Body Works did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment. In the 30 years since they first began operating, Bath & Body Works have firmly created a spot in the body care industry. While some may say that Cucumber Melon is maybe a little simplistic and suited more for teens than adults, most people appreciate this refreshing scent. I feel like it is but I don't have any Berry Waffle Cone left to compare. The Catholic Directory is a free website for finding, reviewing, and connecting with Catholic churches, organizations, resources, and businesses. The closest to a dupe I've found for Coco Shea Honey is their newer fragrance, Honey Wildflower. I'm so crushed that the Happiness (bergamot & mandarin) scent from the Aromatherapy line is gone, especially since others from the same era still exist.

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