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Blame the workout ~ (M) Jongho comes home from the gym, expecting to spend a quiet afternoon with his . You were still shaking however as Yeosang took your hands in his. 1 - Hyung Line] (a)(f), Ateezs reaction to their s/o loving their scent [Pt. Summary: Slytherins can be really cunning and playful yet unpredictable. The director smiled at the two of you, knowing this would really be some quality behind the scenes content. I want you to slowly walk towards Y/N and stand right behind her before the kiss, the director explained to Seonghwa, gesturing to the area where you will be standing. You made your way to greet them, but you stopped in your tracks when you noticed that Wooyoung was there too; his arms were wrapped around a girl who was seated on his lap and his face was buried in the crook of her neck. Yeosang reached behind to take your arms, making you wrap them around his waist. No, Mingi, Im not sleeping next to you, you said, crossing your arms over your chest. At this point however, your cramps had begun to set in, and every once in a while you let out a pained whine or sigh. Your friend was an atiny, so she would freak out if she found out that you were dating Yunho, let alone know him. Friends dont call their friends 'baby or sit on their laps, Y/N., You sighed, pouting a little. At this point Seonghwa had turned on the light and turned to you, cupping your cheeks in his hand. Yunho wasnt aware of the fact that Dowoons family was very close to yours. [Please hurry, theyre hurting her] You sobbed loudly scared for your friend. Once the crew was done preparing everything on set, you and Seonghwa took your places. You were so in love with him it scared you. One of his arms around your waist and the other in your hair, playing with it, with your head in his chest, inhaling his musky scent. Noooo, why are you cryingg? He whined, wiping your tears. You bitch! Jongho yelled. We need to go back now, let me go! You yelled at him. Y/n, I know I want this, but do you? I-, I-, You tried getting out, but unable to take in enough air, you werent able to speak. Yeah, its just I have really bad period cramps and I dont know how much longer Ill be able to bear them. You sighed out, your voice cracking at the end. He let your bra fall to your stomach, before taking it out and throwing it to the side. You rolled your eyes. You muted the TV, picking up your brothers call. The director would often tease Jongho whenever he caught the man looking at you. What are you doing here? he asked, looking suspiciously between you and Mingi. The camera is set! Its over, Mingi.. Dont hang up and lock yourself in our room, Dont come out until I get home!]. Hugs. You tried to work out these emotions you thought you had forgotten about. A big smile erupted on your face and he reciprocated it too. After the special episodecontaining behind the scene clipswas released, fans and even non-fans pointed out how great the chemistry was between you and Hyunjin, both on and off screen; thats how the rumors started. You both were interrupted by a noise on the door, banging. Yunho-yah, did you really miss me this much You said, with an innocent smile plastered on your face. Once he saw you asleep on the bed, he chuckled and got changed as quietly as possible, trying not to wake you up. For example, every now and then, hed subtly sneak his hand round your waist. His head shook as he turned to face you, pressing a sudden kiss to your lips. Seonghwa absolutely hated that idea; he sleeps peacefully only whenever youre in his arms. It was safe to say, he was way more considerate in the future, and gradually introduced you to the boys after you felt comfortable. After a while, you saw a drink slide in your direction, and looked up to see a stranger slide the cocktail in your direction. She loves Ateez and her bias is you, you said with a chuckle, making him laugh. Is everything alright? He asked, putting his hand around your waist to hold you up. Whenever you felt like you couldnt go on anymore, he just held you and hugged you tight, and you got the strength to continue, after all, you really wanted him to know. For the rest of the afternoon, you noticed how two members had followed you at all times, and how San, specifically never let you out of his sight. He scoffed, keeping his phone aside. I- I- He gasped and cried. Hey, Y/N Mingi called to you lovinglyWhats wrong, you seem nervous. Y/N, I swear it's. You heard whistles from the doorway and knew it was Hongjoong and Seonghwa. Hey, you should have told me before we left, youre more important than this lunch meet up, we can always reschedule. You look exactly like it! someonewhowantstobeloved reblogged this from ithinkilikeit-reactions. Slowly and carefully opening the door, you were engulfed by the sweet smell and warm embrace of your boyfriend Hongjoong, not caring whether he got wet. He soon crawled under the blanket too, and put his arm under your head. San was sulking the entire day and he refused to tell you why. Youve never met the man himself, but tonight something is different. Its alright babygirl, just throw it up, and let it out, Im sure youll feeling better. You wanted to stay back for him. Hey, no, no wait up, we just want to talk The other man grabbed her wrist. May I? He asked lovingly, looking you straight in the eyes. he replied. Oh god! Nooo!" Wooyoung screeched, glancing back over his shoulder to see you sprawled out on the grass, seemingly life less. Hongjoongs birthday was coming up and everyone decided to go to the nearby bar to just chill and have a nice time. You and Jongho had gone out for a late night stroll as you finally got time to spend with each other. You and Seonghwa rarely got time together due to his busy schedule, however after a lot of begging the KQ staff, all the boys had gotten the weekend and a few days off. Were done.. The voices all sounded like male voices. Your eyes briefly glanced at his lips before looking up into his eyes. You just nodded and told him it was not his fault. It was something you suggested, and although Hongjoong refused initially, you know how much he secretly loves it. He would always ask before doing initiating anything and was very gentle with you. Who just comes up and asks you stuff like that? [Y/N, I thought I told you not to call me] He said sighing. It was Yeosang, he was growling and aggressively asked the lady. I really am sorry. I will. You okay? He then put his hands back under your shirt, not touching you yet. 15 notes. You soon walked to desk and noticed a small black bottle. Which? You took the bouquet of flowers from him, inhaling the wonderful scent. Yunho however, did not know of this, and he was about to find out, as you both went to the zoo. Whats with that smileee Your best friend teased you. You and a friend were at a cafe, working on some assignments. When you had come to visit once, she was talking about her boyfriend and was talking about how he made her feel so loved. Well, since Y/N signed the contract and read the contract unlike you, Im sure itll be fine, Seonghwa remarked. The cold air was after all, a part of the experience. Hey, hey, hey Y/n? He asked, his voice husky since he just woke up. You were halfway through dinner, eating your appetisers, when all of a sudden, you felt a wet feeling down your leg. You want to take a break after an argument. Unfortunately for you, your brother saw you talking to Mingi. May I know who you are? your mother asked. You were at Jonghos place and were just laying on his bed. Thats when he noticed your wallpaper: it was a picture of him standing in your balcony, sun rays kissing his beautiful face, his tanned skin glowing. Your heartbeat raced really fast, your cheeks immediately turning a light pink. Yeosang laughed. Hey, Y/n, dont apologise honey, its not your fault he said pulling you closer. I wont ever let something like that happen ever again you heard him whisper into your hair. When you went to Mingis room, you found him fast asleep. It stung and you tried to run, only for him to hit you harder. Jongho immediately left what he was doing and walked to you holding your chin with his fingers. Now lets go have dinner. Hey ladies! Yeah He said nonchalantly, unhooking your bra. No need to be scared He creepily grinned at you and grabbed your wrist. Its gonna be I dont even know! San freaked out. You nodded, and his hands gently made contact with your stomach. Today, you had gone out to get some ramen from the supermarket and were on your way back home. You were starting to get worried. You were all watching a movie, when you saw Woosan, Seonghwa and his girlfriend, Hongjoong and his girlfriend, and Yungi cuddling. Me too you whispered back into his chest. He never told you about what happened, until recently when you had another movie night together and Wooyoung didnt pass you the blanket. I didnt expect it to be so extreme, he groaned, tightening his arms around you. It was comeback period, and they needed to have a full album with 9 songs in just under 3 months. I am writing this imagine from my experience of pmdd, however remember everyones body is different, and in no way do I want to generalise any illness. Cursing to himself quietly, he realised that it was that time of the month, and knowing you had pmdd, he knew something must have probably happened. Before you could make it past the door, Wooyoung wrapped his arms around your waist. You tried your best to try and block out the smell, only for your eyes to roll back into your head from pleasure and comfort. The dance was pretty intimate, so when the hosts of the show asked you and Soon to perform it, Wooyoung would be extremely jealous. You glided your hands under his shirt and gently pushed them upwards. Hey, no, no wait up, we just want to talk The other man grabbed your wrist. He watched a movie, although his attention wasnt on it as he was thinking about how to make it up to you. You spent the evening cuddled up in eachothers embrace, with you trying to calm him down. Seonghwa was making out with his make-up artist. Trying to ease the tension and make the situation a little less awkward, Jongho put his hand on the bed, around you. He kissed the nape of your neck and squeezed you breasts tighter. As you had expected, the second he found out, he freaked out and booked an appointment with the doctor. Like Jongho, you were also an idol. Wooyoung video called you, and you covered your face. Despite this however, the man just grinned at you as he inched closer and closer. Sitting on their lap during a bumpy car ride. After a while however, he realised how you kept falling behind, and he decided to ask you what was wrong. Jongho hugged you tightly, all his nervousness melting away. Yeosang patted your shoulder and you flinched. He then held both of your hands with his bigger, warmer ones and led you to the bedroom. Babe, its me, wake up now please, I wanna see youu He whined. Yeosang was sitting on his motorcycle, waiting for you to come out of caf where you worked part-time. You both were the 2nd leads in the movie who were hooking up with each other. Soon enough, you started taking longer breaths and were no longer hyperventilating. Scene 19, take 1, the camera assistant called out before hitting the slate. This man had inappropriately touched you, and you were scared. You just smiled and shook your head while watching the movie again. We need to go back now, let me go! Yunhos girlfriend yelled at him. You sat on the toilet, with nothing to do just contemplating what you should do next. After you reassured Hongjoong that there was absolutely nothing going on between you and Taeyang, he relaxed a bit, eventually forgetting about it, just like most of the fans. Congratulations!" The presenter of the award called out a few moments later, leaving Hongjoong stunned beside you. Y/n-ah, I think Hongjoong hyung is having a panic attack, he wont stop crying and cant breathe, please hurry! He sternly said. Being young and nave, you thought his overprotectiveness and his controlling nature was love. Oh, this? you showed him your lockscreen and he nodded. Fearing for your life you decided to full on run as fast as you could. Shhh You whispered, tears flowing nonstop from your eyes too. No Y/n, theres obviously something bothering you, I could hear you crying for gods sake, please just tell me whats wrong He said sternly. Although this memory was quite short, it would be quite memorable. This was going to be his first kiss with you and the first kissing scene in the drama; it was something he waited to do for so long. Baby? It was quite normal to bring your kids with you on walks around the neighbourhood, so again you just decided to not pay to much attention to it. The second the door closed behind you, you dialed hongjoong. It was a normal evening, and you had decided to cuddle up together to spend some time together. Also this is my second SeonghwaxMafia fic oops. of Tears., an Ateez reaction to making up after the fight) - here | YH & JH ver. And cut! the director yelled. That you are.. You felt even more terrible that he lied to you about going to his parents house tonight. All: If ATEEZ had their own IG accounts Wave 90s Edit Aurora 90s Edit Ateez Greek Myhtology!AU Seonghwa 1:40 PM | Princess " "Now baby, I'm going to work on a few things, you're going to work on helping me relax. Nothing, just watching a movie with my friend, you replied, making Seonghwa frown. Right then, a tall boy walked through the door. You threw up whatever you had into the toilet, and painfully clutched your stomach. You noticed only San wasnt there. While going through the menu however, you felt a sharp pain shoot through your abdomen, and you banged your head down on the table. Instantly, you sighed in relief and comfort. Yeosang was pretty jealous (although he wouldnt admit it) when he had to witness you dance with Golden Childs Jaehyun. You were already looking around for him in the crowd and when you finally saw him, a wide smile erupted on your face. And I'm working on adding vlives as well as . The second you got out, you breathed out a sigh of relief. He walked towards you, and turned around, giving you a show. You nodded, and he squeezed your stomach. Baby, I can hear you, is everything alright? Is everything alright? You said a a little worried. Another 5 minutes later you hear shuffling outside and the noise of clicking. It wont cause too much trouble to your life however wed suggest taking birth control to help reduce the symptoms slightly She suggested looking at the both of you. You knew there were rumours going around that Yeosang was dating another idol from a rookie girl group. Everyone welcomed the both of you, and after you said your greetings, you both sat down. So this is it, huh? you said with a chuckle, looking down at your now intertwined hands. Although you didnt show love to each other physically too much, it was moments like this where you realised how in love you were with him. You want to take a break after an argument. Im through with you, Hongjoong.. A few months into your relationship, he started slowly showing affection though. You lived separately and took turns to go to each others houses. You knew this wasnt good for his mental health, but there was only so much you could do. He said rubbing your back. You on the other hand, were quite happy with the pace of your relationship and didnt notice anything wrong. The way he was smiling so lovingly at you, the way he had both arms under you, holding the small of your back, lifting you up, his sweet yet husky scent, the way his wet hair was pushed back, the way the thin black fabric of his full sleeved button up allowed you to see all his defined muscles, and you couldnt help but think about how perfect he was. Let me take a look at what weve shot before moving on.. Where are you right now] He yelled over the phone. When it was time to read the comments from the viewers, you found out that you were one of Yunhos favorite actors. Seonghwa and Yeosang both started to cry feeling incredibly helpless. You nodded, placing soft kisses on his face, making him forget about everything for now. Deciding to pay him a visit, you made your way to their dorm to surprise him. You ran your hands across his stomach and chest and he lightly moaned, only for you to hear. I think you mean jumping up and down like a mad lady He laughed at you. It was your first time acting and you were really nervous, but Jongho managed to calm you down. The answer is no. I tried my best to condense it, and made most of it a prologue just so I could give context. You gave his head massages scraping your nails against his scalp and putting pressure on certain points, and although you thought it wasnt working, he once sensually groaned, and you thought you were getting somewhere, only for him to apologise and leave. He swiftly turned you around in his embrace to face him, and held both of your hands, staring into your eyes. I was very surprised as it was his first time., I wouldnt have been able to do it without you, Yunho remarked with a grin. You placed the bouquet on the table before stretching your arms out. You said voice breaking at the end, even the thought of Wooyoung getting hurt was so hard to think about. Y/N? Theres a bar up ahead, hope you find what youre looking for, it was nice talking to you Yunhos girlfriend sternly said. You knew that if he kept overworking and taking stress, his body would soon not be able to take it anymore and thats exactly what happened. You were still out cold, unaware of what was going on around you. It wasnt a phobia as much as it was a trigger, that evoked flashbacks to a dark time in the past. Yeosang wasnt bothered at all; he knew that you loved him very mucheveryone who knew you and Yeosang were dating could easily tell that you were whipped for himand Hyunjin wasnt really your type. Im sorry Y/n I didnt mean toYou know I would never hurt you right? He explained feeling guilty. He was frantic at this point, shuffling heard through the phone. [] ATEEZ [THE FELLOWSHIP : BREAK THE WALL] ANCHOR IN SEOUL - SETLIST 1. My brother will tell my parents if he found out that I have a boyfriend, you answered. You immediately stopped laughing and your eyebrows knitted together. This was common during your cycle. You bought a small tub of his favourite ice cream before making your way to KQ. The public complimented Yunhos acting skills and praised the chemistry between the two of you. San crouched down to your level and took you in his arms, sitting you on his lap. You flinched but recognised his familiar scent and hugged him back. When the movie was over and the Matz started waking everyone up, it was safe to say they were thoroughly confused when they saw him shirtless, with your head in the crook of his neck. This romantic setting, being in the arms of your lover and his loving words that hit you like a truck, and soon enough you started crying. Ah, what else do we need? Jongho said to himself while unlocking his phone to check the list Seonghwa sent. Official Post from K-pop Auntie. [Hey hun, whats wrong, is everything alright] you were greeted by your boyfriends sweet voice. When you unlocked his phone, you immediately noticed his wallpaper: it was a picture of you wearing one of his reformed jackets. Anyways, do you girls know where we can pick up some hot ladies At this point, you looked a little uncomfortable. You had gotten food poisoning, your worst enemy. You hid your face in his chest as you tried to work out and process these weird emotions. See, its nothing too serious, besides, birth control gives us an excuse to have more sex He laughed at you while you playfully shoved him. You didnt say anything about it, but you asked him about it after the interview. Didnt know you liked that picture so much, he said with a grin, happiness clearly visible in his eyes. I will be later on linking a guide to these important yet taboo topics such as contraceptives, consent, pleasure, relationships, etc. Ludo I just need to get three to win, you said, keeping your eyes on your phone, mentally praying that your opponents dont catch up. He was absolutely smitten and no other person had ever made him feel this way. [No its not. He quickly realised something was wrong, and guided you out, making sure nothing came your way. You quickly packed some gum, extra leggings, your phone and a charger with you. Cute, you mumbled when you saw his wallpaper. You were relieved that he was coming to get you, but were still scared that the man could find you any second. Right then, your friend walked in and you gasped. [We were collecting seashells and these 2 men started talking to us and touching us, please come get us] you tried getting the words out, [What the hell!? He knew you had to do it cause of the show, so he wasnt really bothered. It was a picture of him smiling brightly while holding his friends newly adopted golden retriever puppy. You should realised how big of a red flag this was but, just shrugged it off and ate the chocolate. He pat her head and they both turned away. San was really, really jealous when the hosts of the show asked you to dance with CIXs Bae Jinyoung. Was it really that nice to have your boyfriend lend you a hoodie? You and Yeosang were the perfect couple. No, no please dont apologise hun, take your time, Im sorry I brought it up He said. We were toxic and the breakup was for the best, but I know you went through a lot after it, so Im really sorry for that.. He was always put in darker clothes and leather jackets, and he looked absolutely irresistible. You called him and he picked up after a few rings. In fact, the second he heard the clanking of the forks and spoons, on the table after you head had hit it, he went into panic mode. Kicking him a few times as well. Jongho on the other hand, was falling for you, hard. [Okay, babe, stay where you are, well come get you] You heard Hongjoong say, after which he hung up. At this point he was furious and pushed the girl to the wall, pinning her against it. You couldnt have asked for more. Jongho knew you were pretty close to AB6IXs Daehwi as you were his classmate in high school, so when rumors surfaced that you were possibly dating Daehwi after being MCs together, Jongho wasnt really bothered. Yeah, Ive got a day off tomorrow as well, Yunho replied. You wanted your mom to be happy, but at the same time couldnt help but hate their relationship. 2 - Maknae Line]. ! San squeaked out when his manager told him about his shooting schedule for tomorrow. Both of you being complete crackheads, there was not one day that was boring in your relationship. Answer 3. Hey, didnt know you were coming today.. Oh, her, I dont know, Im looking for her too, but hands off shes mine The girl replied. You brought it close to your face to observe the words on it only to be greeted by the sweetest, most heavenly smell ever. 43) When a barista leaves their number on their cup. He noticed you staring at him and a bright smile spread across his face. But he still teased you about it. Please help me! You yelled as loud as you could. He started kneading them slightly, skilfully using his fingers to ease the tension. Where are you, beautiful? You heard a female voice whisper out. Hongjoong immediately realised something was wrong and stepped back. You chuckled, nodding in agreement. [Okay] you whispered weakly, after which you closed your eyes and passed out. ATEEZ CONTENT MASTERLIST. You looked back at her with watery eyes, she just nodded at you and told you to call someone for help. ateez ateez x male reader atiny ateez hongjoong ateez mingi male reader ateez angst ateez reactions ateez horror. . Me too You said back and the both of you stayed in that position for a little longer, swaying from side to side slightly. I see, youre enchanted by the way my room smells He said turning you around, and there it was again, the sweet smell, mixed with a bit of sweat, pure heaven in your opinion. You nodded with a smile. You sighed in response, assuring him that you felt better. ATEEZ Reactions- You dancing with another male idol in front of him on a show. Looking at the situation you both were in, you got more overwhelmed and fell to the ground with your phone in your hands fumbling on the dial pad, trying to call someone. He loved when you visited as you got to spend time with each other. He apologised the next day, crying, you quickly accepted not realising that you were now trapped in this endless cycle. Fine, you big baby. Im begging you! you tried reasoning, while sobbing loudly. Ateezs reaction to their s/o calling them when theyre in danger [Pt. Its almost 2 a.m.. Youve got great chemistry with Y/N. I dont care that its forbidden for a demon to love an angel! you yelled, moving closer to Mingi so that he was towering over you. You tried walking through the door, but it felt as if your feet were stuck in place. He knew he screwed up and there was nothing he could do to save this relationship. He walked into the room, and in a daze, you didnt realise he walked in. Yes, well, I dont know Y/n I hope you wont judge me when I say this, but I know weve been dating for a while and I just wanted to know if youre ready He said cautiously, Ready for what? You asked nonchalantly, fixing a strand of his hair, Ready to have sex with me He whispered, a little unsure. Oftentimes, he was busy with the band, or couldnt leave the house. Yah, San-ah Im on my period Im allowed to act all sappy and moody, youre nott You both chuckled and laughed at each other. You went to the bar table and simply sat there for a while deciding on your drink, and taking a break from dancing for a bit. At this point, forgotten memories had all started coming back and your heart was racing at a million miles per hour, your head full of graphic flashbacks. Now however, you were definitely not strangers and Yunho was starting to feel emotions and feelings he couldnt describe. You havent said a word for like, an hour now., Hmm, he said. She soon ran up to me and tapped your leg. You couldnt be happier though, Yunho loved you even more, if that were eve possible. Well, what can I do, I just love you so much he replied and you wiped his tears. Hongjoong, didnt mind, constantly coming out after showers with just a towel around his waist, while you were still a little more shy. Ateez Reactions and Scenarios : Masterlist Masterlist Reactions1) When their s/o's ultimate bias is someone else 2) When they find out their s/o dated a member of Stray Kids 3) When you make them cookies when they're tired/stressed. As soon as the man let go of you, you fell to the sand crying and sobbing. Yeosang yelled at all of them to go back to their rooms, away from you for a bit, and they obliged, getting away from you. No, I dont want to hear anything. Miss, Y/N, you most likely have, whats known asPremenstrual dysphoric disorder. Let go of me She sternly said. You giggled, and were quickly interrupted by police sirens, suggesting they called the police and were here to save you. You were a survivor though. Why did he get such a steamy scene with you and I didnt? he muttered, making you laugh. You shrugged it off and decided to head home. It was rare to have moments like these, where it was just the both of you, and you loved spending time with each other. There was this once when the both of you were at your house and you were at a kitchen counter making some popcorn to eat for a movie. All you wanted right now was to sleep in his arms. They both didnt even realise that you entered the room until you cleared your throat. Changbin. No, Im not sleeping on the couch, Wooyoung said. While you got ready for your dinner date with Yeosang, you noticed that he was unusually quiet. Hey, Y/N, you seem to have had a little accident, dont worry, Ill clean it up, I have a hoodie you can wear, and you can borrow my boxers too, if youd like. ateez masterlist misc. It didnt help when once recently you were caught in his room smelling his stuff. You laughed and pulled the blanket over your heads completely until it was covering the both of you. I could barely talk to you due to our busy schedules. 2 - Maknae Line], Ateezs reaction to their s/o loving their scent [Pt. You noticed how he would get a little closer than usual and kissed you for longer. MINHO: he misses being with the boys a lot, so he group calls them every day. You sat on either side of the couch with a bowl of popcorn in the middle. Your boyfriend sighed. You came over to his house early in the morning just to make him breakfast in bed and to see is adorable morning messy hair. Hongjoong wasnt even surprised when you told him to sleep on the couch; he yelled at you because was stressed out about work. so please stay tuned and stay educated. Soon after, KQ confirmed it too, stating that they have been dating for two months now. At this point, most of the members were crying, or at least had teary eyes seeing their leader so broken. He doesnt want me to date an idol 'cause of busy schedules and stuff, you said.

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